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Chenac Studio in Brittany France, is an independent recording and production facility created and run by experienced musician/producer Iain Dunnet.



Powered  by the incomparable SSL Soundscape DAW system, Chenac Studio can capture not just the notes of your music, but its very essence. A modern digital system with all associated outboards and effects, the studio still retains all the great traditional creative values associated with the analogue era.



Any recording is only as good as the mix, and a mix is only ever as good as the ears of the sound engineer. When the engineer is also a great musician, you have the ultimate winning formula.

In his expert hands, your recording will be moulded into a sophisticated and professional product, ready for whatever market you choose.



As an aspiring singer, songwriter or musician, you want to be the best you can be.

Developing your style, finding your voice through your creativity, making the most of your original ideas - Iain Dunnet has the unique ability to tap into your creative heart and draw out your real potential.

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