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STUDIO: 130€ per day   (Engineer  incl.)

MIXING:    Call for a quote

MASTERING:   20€ per track

PRODUCTION:   Call for a quote

Surrounded by beautiful Brittany countryside, Chenac Studio is the ideal working environment for any musician. Calm, relaxed and professional, we can record solo artists or groups easily, with individual monitoring and excellent sound quality.

Don't take a chance on your mix. Iain has  a lifetime of professional experience both as a musician and sound engineer, so if you registered here or even elsewhere, the results will speak for themselves. Whether a guitar and vocal demo, or the soundtrack of a feature film, your valuable work will be in capable hands.

The final touch. Mastering requires finesse, a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of sound production, good ears and good equipment, to give your project a final polish before sendingit out into the world in the required formats.

Music production is as much an  artform as the music itself. Iain's experience in a wide variety of genres and platforms as well as his intimate understanding of music and the needs and aspirations of the artists and clients he works with, allow him to adapt projects to  specific needs, and to produce  the finished product beyond the expectations of most musicians and singers.

His work in popular music, film, theater, radio and television as a composer, arranger and producer made him both large and small projects, and is known for his fast and precise work.

OFFER for2017:  €250
Two days recording with mix, to include a free video clip of one song!

Benefit from a free video of one of your songs when you book two days recording at Chenac Studio for only €250 

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